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Ellen at workFor as long as I can remember I have been curious about the materials and techniques of painting; techniques which allow for light to both penetrate and transmit the spectral purity of individual pigments. I'm passionate about the tactile qualities of the different organic media: the viscosity of melted wax, the luminosity of oil, the chalky firmness of egg-tempera. Through the spontaneous application of each layer of paint (alla prima), I enjoy developing an image using an indirect technique.

"It ain't what you paint, it's the way how you paint it."

After graduating in Art Studio and Philosophy from Connecticut College in 1977, I spent 25 years working in the printing and graphic arts industy. Thus, the technology of color separation from commercial printing continues to exert a profound influence upon my understanding of color as well as of image development. Primarily self taught within the various techniques, I apply the mixed technique, egg tempera, encaustic, silverpoint or fresco to a variety of subject matter. For me, it matters less whether the subject of a painting is figurative or abstract, the beauty of a piece lies within its value range, composition, chroma, texture and capacity to transmit light.

My writings on aesthetics have been published recently in a few online journals: PsyArt, an academic journal devoted the psychological study of the arts and Non-Duality Magazine, a journal devoted to an investigation of self-realization, awakening and consciousness. You can follow my activities on Facebook or via my blog. Additionally, my husband and I have translated a book on non-duality called Non-Duality, the groundless openness, by Douwe Tiemersma. It is now available under the Mantra imprint of John Hunt Publishing. You can easily find it on Amazon, etc...

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